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LA ECBMC Vision School And Establishment Of Mountain Movers Chapter

LA eCBMC Vision School and Establishment of Mountain Movers Chapter

On Saturday, October 9th, the 2nd eVision School was held at the LA JJ Grand Hotel. Out of the 14 participants, 13 successfully completed the program. The event featured prominent speakers such as Paul Hyun, the General Secretary, Kwon Seok-won, a director, Ahn Il-song, the Eastern Union President, and Lee Kyun, the eCBMC LI Chapter President. The event was attended by Baek Hyun-gyu, the overall conference president, Kim Young-kyun, the direct conference president, Kim Hyung-joo, a director, and the couple Wi Gye-seung, who provided support. This was a valuable time of training to establish the mission and vision of KCBMC in North America and to inaugurate the long-awaited LA eCBMC Chapter.

Following the eVision School, the Mountain Movers Chapter (founding chairman Jae Yim) inauguration ceremony took place in the second part at 5:30 PM. The event was attended by 12 founding members, as well as external speakers, executives, and guests, totaling over 50 participants. They celebrated and shared the moment together. The Mountain Movers eCBMC Chapter is the 45th chapter of KCBMC in North America and was established through the dedicated service of President Jeon Tae-il over the past three years.

As North America KCBMC continues to evolve, we ask for prayers and support for the ongoing preparation and establishment of future eCBMC chapters. The Northern New Jersey eCBMC Preparation Chapter, under the leadership of President Lee Kyun, is well-prepared and aims to establish itself in the first half of next year. They are currently holding weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings. Additionally, the eCBMC movement is beginning in Maryland, Northern California, and other areas.

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