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ECBMC Webinar

eCBMC Webinar

On Thursday, June 11th, the first eCBMC webinar took place with 30 participants gathering under the theme of ‘CBMC Basic’ featuring speaker Tim Philpot.

Tim Philpot, invited to this webinar planned and organized by Sang Sur brothers leading the New York eCBMC preparation chapter, has dedicated over 40 years to CBMC ministry. Having served twice as a state senator in Kentucky and later as a circuit family court judge in the same state before retiring, he served as CBMC International President in 1996 while still serving as a judge, dedicating seven years as a full-time minister. After retiring in 2003, he continued to dedicate himself to CBMC ministry and remains committed to it even after retiring in 2018.

In summary, Tim Philpot’s lecture emphasized the mission of our North American KCBMC ministry, which is Life-on-Life, discipleship through personal relationships. He highlighted a life of giving one’s life, time, and existence for the sake of one person. We pray for the successful growth of the newly emerging North American eCBMC ministry teams, as they strive to carry out the ministry for the next generation.

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