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About CBMC

CBMC is committed to spreading the gospel and expanding the kingdom of God in the workplace!

The vision of CBMC (Connecting Business and Marketplace to Christ) is to bring God’s kingdom to the workplace by mobilizing the Christian business leaders and professionals to impact their marketplace community for Christ.  The mission of CBMC is to serve these leaders and professionals to reproduce spiritual leaders through evangelism and nurturing, through restoration of family, and by changing the business community through biblical teachings.



CBMC began in the United States in the 1930s during the Great Depression and now has expanded to over 90 countries around the world.  CBMC was introduced in Korea in 1952 during the Korean War era, actively supporting the post-war reconstruction of businesses and faith communities.  CBMC organized the first interdenominational Easter Morning worship service in South Korea, unified the several different versions of the Korean hymns, and organized the prayer services for national leaders through a luncheon prayer meetings.

Korean CBMC in North America (KCBMC NA) was established in 1975 and is currently active in fifteen states in the United States and Canada with 50 branches nationwide.  KCBMC aims to build 100 branch offices and 2,000 leaders by year 2020.

In addition to North America, we plan to grow and cultivate branches in South America and further the CBMC School dedicated to professional leadership and fostering the next generation.


CBMC’s vision is to spread the gospel in the business world as a ministers of Christ to the Christian businessmen and professionals who are called by God to “Bringing the Kingdom of God to the business world.”

CBMC is committed to serving leaders in the business community, with its core mission centered on spiritual reproduction through evangelism and discipleship, forming spiritual communities through the restoration of families (both at home and in the workplace), and bringing about societal change in the business world through biblical principles of management.

The essence of CBMC’s ministry lies in connecting the workplace and the business world to Jesus Christ through relationships built on the principle of “Life-on-Life.”

CBMC, an acronym for Connecting Business and Marketplace to Christ, is dedicated to the mission of connecting the business world with the Kingdom of God.



“To present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business people and professionals, and to disciple and train Christian business people and professionals to carry out the Great Commission. ” (Matthew 28:12-18, Acts 1:8)

  1. Spread the gospel to business people & professionals and nurture them to be spiritual reproducers.
  2. Develop Biblical leaders to be a spiritual business leader.
  3. Apply Biblical principles in the workplace to transform the business world for the Kingdom of God.

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