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Greetings from KCBMC of  North America

But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.
(Acts 20:24)

In the spirit of this sacred mission, we extend warm greetings to our fellow workers in North America KCBMC. As you navigate the path entrusted to you, bearing witness to the gospel with unwavering passion and endeavoring to manifest God’s kingdom in the business world, we bless you in the name of the Lord.

With gratitude, we acknowledge the 26 years under the watchful eye of the Lord, who has guided North America KCBMC. Our appreciation extends to the dedicated leaders and contributors, past presidents, and all who have selflessly served this cause. Special thanks are due to Young Kim, the 13th congress chairman, whose transformative leadership laid a vital foundation for North America KCBMC’s evolving journey. Together, let us continue this crucial legacy, passing it down from generation to generation.

Amidst the fervent spiritual battles faced in the workplace, we humbly offer thanks and glory to God, who, in these challenging times, has entrusted the weighty responsibility of the 14th congress. May we, with humility, carry out this entrusted ministry, establishing North America KCBMC’s work on the solid ground of Scripture and prayer.

Our collective aspiration is for North America KCBMC’s ministry, nurtured by the dedication of many, to flourish even more in the 14th term. May it yield abundant fruit, revealing the presence of Jesus Christ in the midst of our endeavors. Moving forward, let us unite under the theme of the 14th term, focusing on living out the mission of “Life-on-Life”—making disciples through evangelism and nurturing, and saving and building people through chapter-centered ministry. This ministry is centered around CBMC North America, the support center for our mission.

Embracing Acts 20:24 as the guiding scripture for the 14th term, we aspire to live as North America KCBMC fellow workers, proclaiming the life of Jesus Christ in our business fields. It is a life newly obtained through faith in Jesus Christ—a life that is truly Life-on-Life.

We express our heartfelt thanks and blessings to all the committed board members, union presidents, chapter presidents, and every member of North America KCBMC dedicated to serving the vision bestowed upon us.

Maranatha! – (Come, Lord Jesus!)

David Han, 15th Congress Chairman
Paul Hyon, President
Korean CBMC of North America


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