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Maryland ECBMC Vision Sharing Meeting

Maryland eCBMC Vision Sharing Meeting

On the evening of Friday, August 5th, there was a gathering for the Maryland area eCBMC preparation meeting. The meeting took place at the home of Paul Baek, who serves the Ellicott City chapter affiliated with the Eastern Region (Regional President Jonathan Ahn). Paul Baek, the current president, and his wife, along with five other couples, including the Union President An Il-song and his wife, gathered for a meal, fellowship, and a time to share the vision of the North American KCBMC ministry. At the gathering, President Paul Baek shared his testimony of recovery through the gospel and the restoration he experienced through the CBMC ministry community, which he gained at the Philadelphia conference.

We ask for many prayers for the future establishment of the eCBMC chapter in the Maryland-Baltimore area.

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