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Establishment Of North Jersey ECBMC Chapter

Establishment of North Jersey eCBMC Chapter

On Saturday, March 19th, following the conclusion of the 3rd eCBMC Vision School at the Family Touch Ministry Auditorium in Northern New Jersey, the founding ceremony for the third English-speaking chapter, North Jersey eCBMC (interim chapter president Kyun Lee), took place at 5:30 PM.

The inauguration ceremony, which began with a social hour led by Son Dong-woo, the New Jersey chapter president, was attended by eight founding chapter members and over 40 guests. They celebrated and offered blessings during the ceremony. North Jersey eCBMC, the third chapter under the auspices of North America KCBMC, was born through the preparation and team-building efforts of 8-10 founding members led by President Lee Kyun over the past two years. During the ceremony, Lee Kyun, the chapter president, shared the background of the founding of North Jersey eCBMC, recounting the calling to CBMC ministry three years ago during a Dallas conference with tears of joy and gratitude.

Particularly noteworthy was the presence of many CBMC members from various regions who came to offer their congratulations for the founding of North Jersey eCBMC. Attendees included Baek Hyun-gyu, the overall conference president from Atlanta; Kim Ki-il, the university dean, and his wife from Toronto, Canada; Kim Hyung-joo, the local chapter founding and development support team leader, from Virginia; Ahn Il-song, the Eastern Union President; Lee Ki-hwan, the Central-Northern Union President; Kim Dong-won, the Northeastern Union President and his wife; Andrew Choi, the New York chapter president and his wife; Clara Baek, the Boston chapter president; Jason Gong, the Long Island chapter president, and Choi Gyeong-ryul, a director; Son Dong-woo, the president of the New Jersey chapter; Kim Moon-yeol, the president of the Cherry Hill chapter; Jang Seon-woo, the president of the Philadelphia chapter; Sam Hwang, a lawyer, and his wife; Kim Yu-bong, former Manhattan chapter president and his wife; Lee Jun-ho, former New Jersey chapter president; and Paul Hyun, the General Secretary. They all participated in a time of blessings.

A special gratitude was extended for the inclusion of Edward Lee, the son of Lee Ki-hwan, the Central-Northern Union President, and Joeseph Kim, the son of Kim Yu-bong, the elder chapter president who served the Manhattan CBMC, as founding members of North Jersey eCBMC. It was a touching moment as North America KCBMC continues to pass on the legacy to the next generation.

On the evening of March 18th, the speakers and the preparation team gathered at President Lee Kyun’s home for a dinner, sharing a time of praise and prayer as they came together for the Vision School and the establishment of the chapter.

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