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KCBMC Of North America Leadership Visits LA

KCBMC of North America Leadership Visits LA

From October 22 to October 25, KCBMC Board Chairman Young Kim and KCBMC President Paul Hyon visited and toured the chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego and Irvine.

On October 22, they visited with San Diego chapter president, Dong-won Kang, who was preparing to re-establish the San Diego chapter for the future, and in the discussion, they decided to re-establish the chapter in early 2020.

On October 23, they held a vision-sharing session for the next eCBMC chapter in LA, and in the evening they had a inspiring vision-sharing session with 15 members of the eCBMC launch group, including newly formed eCBMC LA chapter president, Tae-il Chun.

On October 24th, Chairman Young Kim and Paul visited Irvine, Southern California, and had a productive time sharing the vision of CBMC ministry and the North American KCBMC ministry strategy and road map with Irvine members along with attorney Yong-jin Lee.

Paul also shared KCBMC ministry and vision through several personal meetings, among them was an attorney who will have weekly one-on-one meeting with Paul over Skype.

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